These are the frequently asked OOP Interview questions for Java developers

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My favorite courses to learn Operating System concepts for Computer Science students, programmers, and IT professionals from Udemy, Coursera, Pluralsight, and edX

This is one of the best full-stack web developer specializations on Coursera and if you want to become a full-stack developer in 2021, this is a great resource to start with.

TL: DR — Yes, Java Concurrency in Practice is still valid and one of the best books to learn Java multithreading and concurrency concepts. However, an updated version would be great.

My review of Coursera’s one of the most popular AI courses, the AI For Everyone by none other than Andrew Ng, An AI pioneer, and Coursera founder.

These are the best book to learn DevOps, Continuous Integration, and Delivery for Senior developers and DevOps Engineers.

These are the best free Coursera courses to learn essential Data Science skills like Data Analysis, SQL, Data Visualization, and important Python libraries like matplotlib

My favorite books and online courses to prepare and crack Java Developer interviews

Prepare for Java EE 7 Application Developer 1Z0–900 with confidence using these practice questions

My favorite online courses to learn Spring Data JPA for beginners and experienced Java programmers in 2021


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