Is Datacamp worth it? Which one is better between Udemy and Datacamp for learning Data Skills like Python, SQL, and Data Science in 2022

My favorite Black Friday and Cyber Monday deal for programmers and developers in 2021 is to learn new tech skills and upgrade yourself.

image_credit- Codecademy

Step by step guide to learn Python Programming in 7 days using online Python BootCamp courses from Udemy

How to Learn Python in 7 Days using Online Courses

My experience with Grammarly, one of the best writing tools for bloggers, writers, content creators, and programmers. Yes, it's worth it.

[Review] My Experience with Grammarly Writing Tool — Is it Worth it?
image_credit — Grammarly

Your complete guide to becoming a certified Python developer and crack the Python Certification exam from Microsoft in 2022

5 Best Book, Courses, and Practice Tests to Crack Microsoft Python Certification (98–381) exam

My favorite Java books and course to learn about writing high-performance Java applications, JVM Internals, Garbage Collection, and Performance tuning


I am Java programmer, blogger, working on Java, J2EE, UNIX, FIX Protocol. I share Java tips on and

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